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Our Clients

We provide Life and Accident & Health reinsurance cover for insurers and financial institutions. Ranging from domestic to regional companies, we write a global reinsurance book with a focus on Europe and Latin America. We are a growing presence in affinity programs where we help provide insurance solutions through reinsurance for sponsoring entities including: banks, credit card providers, retailers, mobile phone companies, professional and trade associations, educational institutions and other non-traditional groups.

Life, Accident & Health Offering

When it comes to Life, Accident & Health offering, the use of insurance is becoming increasingly commonplace for the life insurance industry. The challenges which the industry faces, such as low interest rates, new development of medicines and increased life expectancy, make it necessary to partner with reinsurers to share risk and provide new solutions for clients.

For affinity programs, we have teamed up with leading regional insurance companies to structure products, help to build technology platforms and conduct operations and sales training for the sponsoring entities. Our clients choose Rochester ReInsurance™ for our rapid, innovative and easy to implement insurance and reinsurance solutions to help them grow their business.

Our core offering includes:

  • Group Life
  • Individual Life
  • Disability
  • Personal Accident
  • Critical Illness

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