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The Rochester Group has a global footprint that stretches across all continents. It provides added value and tailored services to all our High Net Worth Clients. Our history is almost 100 years old, and during this time, by continuously improving ourselves, we have managed to attain a superior level of customer satisfaction and delivery of results.

The main business of our company has been banking and financial products which we have been tailoring to our clients for a century. We are focusing on your needs and how to expedite both the process of resolution as well as creating a bond between us, that far surpasses anything you will find in big corporate offerings.

Your satisfaction is our core value as, we have found, returns in high margin for us and a product that becomes your partner in life in general.

Every legal entity, no matter how big or small, has a life of its own. We have adapted our own processes to fit that framework. We’ve managed during this time to create a personal-like bond even with corporations having hundreds of employees. We have used our recipe for success to improve their own internal ways of working and generating added value for themselves.

The Rochester Group is made of several legal entities that have a direct ownership in Rochester Private Capital. The structure is transparent while providing fiscal optimization to the entire group. Allowing us to be there for our clients all the time, everywhere.

As main business units, we owe Rochester Bank™, Rochester Finance™, Rochester Insurance & Reinsurance. The products & services offering is much wider and complex so we invite you to discover it. Contact us for any support you might require to come join our big family.

In regards to our Insurance & Reinsurance business units, emerging from the banking & financial sector our main clients requested us to provide them coverage for their Bonds and financial instruments. From there we’ve evolved into Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation, Engineering, and Energy. 

These were the main business activities of our Private and Special Accounts. We adapted to our already existing client list and grew it. Steadily and constantly into the flourishing insurance/reinsurance business unit we have today.

Our main drivers and catalysts that have spawned from our mission & vision are the attention to detail, performance, resourcefulness, and delivery.

When it comes to our business model, this is wrapped around high revenue clients so that it makes it economically feasible for us to be there for them whenever they need us most, whenever you will need us most.