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Our history started during the economic expansion of the 1980s. The Rochester family, which was already providing specialized financial products & services for almost half a century, decided to gather several smaller insurance & reinsurance entities and to build its Insurance & Reinsurance business unit leveraging their strength and expertise under one roof, under one name.

Thus Rochester ReInsurance™ was born and our group was now able to cover a much broader spectrum of products & services.

Emerging from the banking & financial sector our main clients requested us to provide them coverage for their Bonds and financial instruments. From there we’ve evolved into Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation, Engineering, and Energy. These were the main business activities of our Private and Special Accounts so we adapted to our already existing client list and grew it steadily and constantly into the flourishing insurance/reinsurance business unit we have today.

Our main drivers and catalysts that have spawned from our mission & vision are the attention to detail, performance, resourcefulness, and delivery.

Our business model is wrapped around high revenue clients so that it makes it economically feasible for us to be there for them whenever they need us most, whenever you will need us most.

You can read about our banking & financial background here.